EGYPT ~ Khemet Ascension Nile Cruise

For those who feel the Call…the Call of ancient Khem, of the alKHEMist in you…:

The word alchemy…where does it come from…what does alchemy really mean…?

Let’s journey to Egypt, to Khem, and connect to the Spirit of the Ancient Ones. The Wise Ones who had left Atlantis in time, before the flood, to save their Knowledge and anchor their Wisdom  into these lands…
Let’s journey withIN - while also journeying to sacred sites and power spots along the Nile – to have the alKHEMist in ourselves be reawakened…
The alKHEMist who still Knows…let’s enter our Hearts, regain access to dormant DNA parts, remember and retrieve Sacred Information.

Let’s co-create and enjoy some Magical Miracles and remember our inner Power and true Strength. Let’s open up fully during our journey to raise our Consciousness as ONE in these Ascension times, so we can be of  even more Service to HUmanity and the whole of Existence.

As above so below,
As within so without.

(the pic is taken during one of the many miraculous experiences we’ve engaged in in Egypt… and on Facebook there's a video in which you see flying orbs which showed themselves AND wanted to come on film too…)

link to our event page on Facebook:


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