Raising Consciousness as ONE

'Re-opening of the Space'

ॐ N A M A S T E’ ॐ

At the beginning of this 1-year of 2017 I felt the need to step back from a group I created 'Raising Consciousness as ONE' on Facebook...(I simply didn't have the energy for it. I mostly needed to create more 'me-space' at that time. It has been quite a year so far, phew! And I put it mildly if I leave it at that...).

But then it never fully happened, even though people responded massively to my request to remove themselves from this group. And in myself I noticed a certain ambiguity...
In the meantime I've had a few minor 'calls' already to re-open this space. And now, with the 'ME TOO'-wave that's going around the globe and bringing up all kinds of emotions (+memories, pain, a.s.o.) I really feel the Call to re-open it.

♡ So WELCOME back everyOne ♡

I am so very Grateful for you showing up Here Now. 
Because we are on a MISSION!!!: To Raise Consciousness as ONE on our beloved magnificent Blue-Green planet, to open the Hearts of others, to bring to the surface and into the Light what has been hidden for so long (and has caused so much chaos and disturbances and suffering)...
A very significant current Opening Up has to do with the 'ME TOO' messages. Women and men exposing their experiences regarding the enormous distortions in sexuality. This has played a role in the lifes of so many in the past era's. And still does: children, women, men...
It makes my Heart & Soul sing to notice that many are in this with a so called 'Awakened Mind', determined to benefit from this opening up to support HUmanity in bringing ever more awareness and to live even more from our Hearts.
I also notice there are people who respond from a vibration that - in my humble opinion - is still very much connected to the old paradigm of the Win-Loose world.

It is my DREAM that we WAKE UP from the old games that have been played out so far. The games of the so called Win-Loose world. (For this game only brings forth losers...).
It is my DREAM we start to realize that the world we THINK we live in - that we THINK is real - is nothing but an illusion.
It is my DREAM that we that we remember, that we simply Know again how POWERFUL we are.

Since we all come from the same Source......


Open your eyes.
Wake up.
Dare to SEE truly...
YES, this can be painful.
But you can handle it. 

You don't have to trust my word on this. Go inwards and trust U(niverse)!

You knów in your Heart that LIGHT always always is stronger than darkness.
Times like these can feel very dark...too dark to handle even...
Pain that stirs up (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual). Old wounds that are being torn open. You might even go through a Dark Night of the Soul as a result...
When you doubt you can handle it, when you are afraid of drowning in the darkness, then try picture this:
Imagine yourself being in the darkest of darkest room you can imagine... there's seems to be no way out because you can't see it, you don't feel it, you walk around in circles, touching the walls, being convinced there must be a way out of this hell... you feel so very lost, lonely, separated, powerless...
But even though despair seems to be too overwhelming at times you don't give up! Maybe you pray...surrender to the Divine...
Since you've got nothing to loose anyway you decide to let go of what you know, the outer bounderies of the place where you are...you let go of the walls, fall down on your knees and crawl on the floor on your hands and feet...
And then a miracle happens...you stumble upon something... it's a box of matches...and a candle...!
Then you light the candle.
The candle in the middle of the room...
Before you continu reading, contemplate on what happens then... Is it 'the Dark' that will then take over the Light?

You know it could NEVER!!

OR is even one tiny flame of a candle stronger than whatever darkness because it will enlighten the whole room effortlessly...?
Aaaand the longer the candle burns and the more you get used to the light the more you are able to see in the room too, right...?
So that is what we need to focus on: on our own inner Light in the middle of ourselves; our Heart. No matter how small it feels at first; it wíll grow and become stronger. Rather effortlessly even, as long as you nurture it, keep bringing back your focus to that instead of to the darkness. You can't push away the dark you see (try that in the room). Just bring in Light! Let it shine abundantly. See what has been hidden in the corners.
Welcome it even...

Things come to the surface because they need (y)our Healing, Acceptance, Love... Then we'll (be able to) see they have no power whatsoever over us. Then we'll see that what we were afraid of would happen (to drown in so much pain, darkness, a.s.o.) was no more than an illusion. That we empowered that illusion by assuming it was truth... And that we have a CHOICE! We have FREE WILL and can choose where we give our power to! Where we focus on!
to Step into (y)our Power, enter (y)our Heart, ignite the inner LIGHT and let (y)our Soul Shine Bright
and so it is and so it shall be
as above so below
©Ariette ♡ Love Loeffen

❀ feel FREE to share this post / group (Raising Consciousness as ONE on Facebook) and/or invite your Loved Ones to this place, so we can INSPIRE and UPLIFT One another ❀



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