EGYPT ~ Khemet Ascension Nile Cruise

For those who feel the Call…the Call of ancient Khem, of the alKHEMist in you…:

The word alchemy…where does it come from…what does alchemy really mean…?
Let’s journey to Egypt, to Khem, and connect to the Spirit of the Ancient Ones. The Wise Ones who had left Atlantis in time, before the flood, to save their Knowledge and anchor their Wisdominto these lands… Let’s journey withIN - while also journeying to sacred sites and power spots along the Nile – to have the alKHEMist in ourselves be reawakened… The alKHEMist who still Knows…let’s enter our Hearts, regain access to dormant DNA parts, remember and retrieve Sacred Information.
Let’s co-create and enjoy some Magical Miracles and remember our inner Power and true Strength. Let’s open up fully during our journey to raise our Consciousness as ONE in these Ascension times, so we can be of even more Service to HUmanity and the whole of Existence.
As above so below, As within so without.
(the pic is taken during one of the many miraculous…

Words ripple out...what do you want to bring into this world?

Today I read the first sentence in a post of a SiStar and it triggered something that has been in my awareness for quite some time. Thanks to her ‘reminder’ I feel to express this now. For to me it has a certain link with the current ‘ME TOO wave’…
Grace Solaris wrote: “It is significant to examine your vocabular on a regular basis and to discern whether it serves your current consciousness level and reality.”
Here’s the thing: I notice many people tend to say ‘F*ck’ a lot of the time. It’s like a virus spreading. And I’m not even referring to teenagers… I also notice when it ÍS being used (especially if women do so) Facebook posts like that get a LOT more likes (again mainly from women it seems)... Many of the ‘awakenend Sisters’ seem to not only love to use that term but even promóte the use of it.
How come? Why is it ‘we’ think ‘we’ need that?
To me it’s a very harsh word which has a very (distorted) masculine energy, no Love or Light included, and personally I don’t feel the need to…

Meeting in the Heart (creating Miracles)

Meeting in the Heart (creating Miracles) When I went to Egypt with a group for a pilgrimage called ‘Spiritual Journey ~ Into the Heart of Peace ♡ Egypt’, many miracles simply occured, day in day out. It truly was a 5D-reality Journey. 
It started already before the actual travelling started. And accelerated during our actual pilgrimage through Egypt. It taught me so much of our ‘own’ capabilities, our own power, our thoughts, convictions, conditionings. It showed me how Miracles take place when we simply come from and meet in the Heart…
People sometimes wonder what their goal in life is…it can’t be this ‘small’. They might see a so called hero on tv and wish they could perform miracles like her or him. Do great (big) deeds. Thén they would really make a distinction, have a true purpose for the world and for humanity…
I have had the pleasure to witness how even a seemingly small gesture towards one other human being can make a big difference for many people. 
Most of our group met at Cairo…

Own your power, BE YOU

Own your power, BE YOU

Own your power, embody your Gifts and show up as you are. For it is time.
So many of us have been conditioned with thoughts that it would be arrogant to know ánd show your gifts. With it comes the fear to ‘stand out from the crowd’. I know I have had to deal with that for a huge part of my life! During the first few decades I did the opposite instead most of the time: I didn’t show myself, I didn’t express my truth, I was a wall flower most of the time… So even though I am very tall, people hardly noticed me… they simply coúldn’t see me. Because I was hidden. Behind walls of old belittling convictions. I felt lonely and separated, not seen, depressed, frustrated … for I had so many wonderful ideals for Earth but nobody seemed to listen!!! Until I discovered it was mé creating that reality… because I believed my inner monsters and my shadow voices.
Now I know that each and every one of us came Here, on this magnificent blue-green planet, with unique Gifts! And most o…

Raising Consciousness as ONE

☆ RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS AS ONE ☆ 'Re-opening of the Space'
ॐ N A M A S T E’ ॐ
At the beginning of this 1-year of 2017 I felt the need to step back from a group I created 'Raising Consciousness as ONE' on Facebook...(I simply didn't have the energy for it. I mostly needed to create more 'me-space' at that time. It has been quite a year so far, phew! And I put it mildly if I leave it at that...).
But then it never fully happened, even though people responded massively to my request to remove themselves from this group. And in myself I noticed a certain ambiguity...
In the meantime I've had a few minor 'calls' already to re-open this space. And now, with the 'ME TOO'-wave that's going around the globe and bringing up all kinds of emotions (+memories, pain, a.s.o.) I really feel the Call to re-open it.
♡ So WELCOME back everyOne ♡
I am so very Grateful for you showing up Here Now.  Because we are on a MISSION!!!: To Raise Consciousness …