Words ripple out...what do you want to bring into this world?

Today I read the first sentence in a post of a SiStar and it triggered something that has been in my awareness for quite some time. Thanks to her ‘reminder’ I feel to express this now. For to me it has a certain link with the current ‘ME TOO wave’…

Grace Solaris wrote: “It is significant to examine your vocabular on a regular basis and to discern whether it serves your current consciousness level and reality.”

Here’s the thing:
I notice many people tend to say ‘F*ck’ a lot of the time. It’s like a virus spreading. And I’m not even referring to teenagers… I also notice when it ÍS being used (especially if women do so) Facebook posts like that get a LOT more likes (again mainly from women it seems)... Many of the ‘awakenend Sisters’ seem to not only love to use that term but even promóte the use of it.

How come? Why is it ‘we’ think ‘we’ need that?

To me it’s a very harsh word which has a very (distorted) masculine energy, no Love or Light included, and personally I don’t feel the need to throw thát energy into this plane of existence... (I tried it once or twice and it didn’t taste good. My ‘system’ didn’t like it at all).
But it almost seems as if I’m one of the few who feels this way... So, the way I feel about it is not a very popular one apparently.
I am very aware of that… (But hey, it’s not about being popular remember?).

Why is it so widespread to use it... ?
Do we, women, feel it is a means to ‘re-claim (our) power’ this way? Does it appear to be a way to ‘emancipate’?...

Words carry energy. I guess every awake person is aware of that. Anyone who knows the work of the Japanese scientist Dr. Masuru Emoto can see how words affect water: “[…] we always observed beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering pure prayer to water. On the other hand, we observed disfigured crystals in the opposite situation. […]” (from www.masaru-emoto.net)
Since our human bodies mainly consist of water, the words we use have an effect on our bodies, our ‘systems’.

I am not putting this out to preach, although it might be perceived like that. I am really puzzled by it and I really try to understand. So far I haven’t succeeded in that…

The way I see it:
We are here to uplift HUmanity.
We are here to Raise Consciousness, frequencies and awareness in these Divine Ascension times.

How does the use of this expression (and alike ones) support us in this?

The ‘ME TOO wave’ that has been flooding the planet since last Sunday is a wake up call for HUmanity. Exposure of the shadow sides to the Light - which is what is happening more and more - diminishes the ‘power’ of these shadows and helps us to come back into our True Center, balancing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within.

Me too…
I have been sexually abused too.
It started when I was still a very young child. There was a man involved, a member of my family. And there was a woman. Another member of my family.
This woman actually has very little feminine qualities. Same with that man.
The feminine qualities had almost totally been erased in that part of my family, hidden behind a very thick wall.

So although in most cases it was women who were sexually abused by men it is not about Thé women and it is not about Thé men.
It is about distorted masculine energies and distorted feminine energies in a distorted system (some would say a ‘F-up’ system here I guess ;-) ).

We need to wake up from this illusionairy Matrix. What is occurring now is a collective call for HUmanity to step into sanity and remember it’s Divinity.

The Feminine has different qualities than the Masculine.
Which has a Purpose in itself! They are meant to complement each other.
Yin and Yang; two aspects of the One.
Both equally essential!

Remember we have lived in a Win-Loose world for so long that we seem to have forgotten how it used to be, how wé used to be. In Lemuria. In Atlantis before the Fall. In other dimensions and universes where we live(d) in Love, in Light.
But our Souls remember. Our Heart still knows…

I don’t feel we need to copy certain behaviour that (unconsious) males have shown throughout centuries.
That’s not what ‘Consious Feminism’ is about to me.
And it has nothing to do with the Divine Feminine.
Harshness is not our nature. It’s a veil covering up our pure beauty, our Essence. By now we have shown we cán be harsh… but Sisters, Brothers, has it brought us any further?

Showing up compassionately, expressing Love, sharing our nurturing abilities, our communicating-from-the-Heart skills, our joy, our passion, creativity, co-operating and co-creating, guided by our intuition… precious qualities our World, HUmanity, needs right now!
Let’s cultivate the Feminine and bring her into Adulthood.

Words ripple out….like rings in the water….what you do want to bring into this world?

©ariette Love Loeffen
ariettelove.com ~ vanhartecoaching.nl


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