Own your power, BE YOU

Own your power, BE YOU

Own your power, embody your Gifts and show up as you are.
For it is time.

So many of us have been conditioned with thoughts that it would be arrogant to know ánd show your gifts. With it comes the fear to ‘stand out from the crowd’.
I know I have had to deal with that for a huge part of my life! During the first few decades I did the opposite instead most of the time: I didn’t show myself, I didn’t express my truth, I was a wall flower most of the time… So even though I am very tall, people hardly noticed me… they simply coúldn’t see me. Because I was hidden. Behind walls of old belittling convictions. I felt lonely and separated, not seen, depressed, frustrated … for I had so many wonderful ideals for Earth but nobody seemed to listen!!! Until I discovered it was mé creating that reality… because I believed my inner monsters and my shadow voices.

Now I know that each and every one of us came Here, on this magnificent blue-green planet, with unique Gifts!
And most of us (for sure most ones reading this) feel an inner call to support Humanity and mother Earth…
Ánd…most of us also feel a huge inner wish to be Seen exactly as we are.

You feel your gifts are less valuable than those of others? Feel again! Why would you have been given them then in the first place? A random cosmic joke of Life??? Or…
You think you’re arrogant if you would show up the way you are? Afraid it would come from ego?
Consider this: might it be the other way around…? That it might be your ego that’s at the steering wheel holding you back…
Yoú are unique. A unique BEing. Your gifts are unique. Might it be it is egoic nót to share them… ?
For after all, we are here to uplift each other. To raise consciousness and vibrations. As ONE.

So stop.
And let us put an end to diminishing our talents and to belittling ourselves. Neglecting our true Selves won’t help anyOne.
And since no one else can do the work for us, it is time to take full responsibility.

Go inwards and look at the egoic voices that whisper (or yell) to you you’re not as strong, powerful, unique as some have said you are…
Go inwards and see what is holding you back. How you are holding yourself back.
What fears… which convictions…which patterns do you give your energy and power to…?
And ask yourself whenever you discover one: is this true, is this coming from Truth?

It is time for HUmanity to step into our strength as the clear vessels of Love & Light that we are. Connect to your Divine Blueprint. BE YOU.
Then - and only then - will we be able to be of Service to Life, to the Divine, in the way we’re supposed to be; Co-Creating as ONE for the benefit of ALL.

It is time.
So own your power, embody your Gifts and show up as you are.

Thank you for doing so.
Thank you for Being.
Thank you for BEing YOU.

©ariette Love Loeffen



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